Monday, April 23, 2007

NYCO's on board / more West side sitings

Maybe she'll hook us up with a sweet map to go along the sightings. (Truthfully I prefer "litter ninja's")

Other sightings today include almost all angles surrounding the 690 and 695 interchange. What the heck, did a garbage truck fall apart on the on-ramps? No matter which direction I took, I couldn't believe the amount of trash.

Get some clean up crews out there soon!

I am busting out my camera and will get some pics up this week.


NYCO said...

Here is a Google map I have set up that demonstrates what might be done with identifying areas in need of cleanup.,-76.227522&spn=0.03412,0.069351&msid=106031827369523959423.00000112248a3c610b1ea&msa=0

(This map shows, as a sample, two frequently trashy areas, filled in with blue.)

Users could report "trash fields" this way.

NYCO said...

PS- Maps like these aren't much good unless they serve a multiple purpose - you have to use tools like this in a way that makes people in politics or business look twice at the implications. For instance, this sample map I've done, doesn't make Wegmans look very good.

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